About Fearless

Fearless is a designer sustainable lifestyle brand based in New York City that will empower, inspire, and move you. Fearless offers a progressive vision of designer fashion jewelry rooted in the idea of women empowerment. Blending the creative energies of feminism, art and nature Fearless is a salute to all female movers and shakers.

One of a kind unique designs, premium quality, ethical work practices, and accessible price points all come together in designer pieces that embody the feeling of being fearless.

Each design carries a female empowerment note. 

All jewelry is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

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We believe in giving back as we work towards success. Each design carries “FF170” which represents the approximately 170 years, according to a World Economic Forum estimate, until we reach true global gender equality. To fast forward this number, we will donate 10% of net profits to NGOs and non-profits whose mission is to empower women and girls both locally and globally.

Feel Empowered

Life's a journey. Be fearless with each step you take.

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